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Perth’s Premier Providers of Clutch & Automatic Transmission Repairs

With the experience to assist with repairs both big and small, our high-technology equipment can assess your vehicle and identify any faults. We can replace worn or faulty clutch parts, or replace the entire clutch kit. We are the experts for all things mechanical, including cars, trucks, buses 4WD and more. Simply have one of our highly trained technicians look over your vehicle to examine the problem and offer a resolution. Whether repairs or replacement, our specialists will know the best course of action and will advise you accordingly. A damaged or faulty clutch or transmission can prove to be a dangerous safety hazard when out on the roads. This is why it’s important to seek out the assistance of a reputable mechanic with a track record for exceptionally high standards.

Warning signs

If your clutch seems to be sticking, where the pedals become harder to press or disengage, or you slip out of gear without warning, then these are warning signs that your clutch needs to be replaced. Also remain aware of any burning smells or smoke that may be another give away. As for your automatic transmission, a delay in movement, odd sounds, strange smells or any warning lights on your dashboard are also a clear warning that you need to take your vehicle to the experts.

Our automatic transmission and clutch repairs are unsurpassed

Backed by over three and a half decades in the industry as part of the Europcar WA franchise, we can say with confidence we possess the resources and the expertise to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Our services are designed to cater to both individual car owners and large commercial fleets alike. As Europcar WA’s premier fleet repair specialists of choice, it’s understandable that we take our commitment to quality workmanship very seriously.

Other Services

Get back on the road faster with our state-wide coverage

Regardless of whether you’re in Perth, or elsewhere in rural WA, our automatic transmission and clutch repairs are available at various centres located across the state. With such an expansive network it’s easy to see why we’re a leading choice for mechanical repairs and services.