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Car Servicing

Periodic maintenance of your vehicle is necessary to keep your vehicle at its optimum level for safety & reliability and to ensure smooth operational efficiency for years to come.

Truck Servicing

We are a trusted provider of industrial and commercial truck servicing and repairs throughout WA. Our purpose built workshop facilities have been designed specially to accommodate trucks.

Air Conditioning & Regas

Did you know that the air conditioning system in your car can become less efficient over time due to factors such as worn our seals, insufficient use and minor leaks in the system?

Clutch & Automatic Transmission

With the experience to assist with repairs both big and small, our high-technology equipment can assess your vehicle and identify any faults. We can replace worn or faulty clutch parts, or replace the entire

Engine Diagnostics

Is your vehicle running a little rough as of late? Is the engine warning light burning on your dashboard but you don’t know why? An engine diagnostic could be what

Log Book Servicing

Our highly trained mechanics have the first-hand experience and industry expertise to service all areas of your vehicle to the highest possible standards. Available now at AMS.


If your suspension is defective, or faulty, this can put added pressure on other important components such as your tyres, steering and braking systems. Try AMS out today in WA.

Wheel Alignment & Balancing

Keeping the wheels of your vehicle aligned is paramount to maintaining the lifespan of your tyres, preventing premature balding and wear & tear on


Is your exhaust making loud, unhealthy sounds, or is smoke pouring from the exhaust? Are fumes seeping into the cabin of your car? Then it’s time to call the team at AUS Mechanical Services o have your exhaust .


You don’t need us to tell you that brakes are important for your vehicle. From ongoing maintenance to once-off brake repairs, it’s vital that your brakes are well

Vehicle Repairs

Get back on the road faster. With up front quotes, competitive pricing, a variety of car, truck, 4WD and bus mechanical repairs available, we’re the obvious choice for private and fleet vehicles.

4WD Servicing

When it comes to keeping your personal 4WD, or fleet of 4WDs in pristine working condition, it’s important to have them looked at by mechanics who are experienced with the inner workings of four

Cooling System

The cooling system for your vehicle is one of the most important components of your car given our hot WA climate. This is particularly true for our regional and Pilbara locations which experience

Auto Electrics

As cars and automotive technology continue to evolve, our vehicles begin to rely on auto-electric systems more and more. Many modern cars will rely on these systems to control almost every driving function, which is why it’s so important

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Perth Metro Please call (08) 9464 8877 to enquire about the following services at regional locations – Smash repairs, Leasing, Used Car & Truck Sales.

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You always get the best experience when you use AUS Mechanical Services in WA. Our car service makes choosing car repairers easy. No more needing to find car service places. You can contact us and find out the best place in WA.