Windscreen Repairs in Perth and Wider WA

Is your vehicle’s windscreen chipped or cracked? Depending on the severity, AUS Mechanical Services can provide quick and affordable repairs without needing to replace the glass.

You will almost always need a full replacement if the damage is significant, or if it’s located anywhere in the driver’s direct line of vision or near the edge of the windscreen. However, if the damage is small enough and located elsewhere on the glass, we may be able to repair it at a fraction of the cost.

How it works

After cleaning the damaged area of the windscreen, we carefully inject a resin that is specially formulated to bond with the glass. We ensure the resin has filled all the cracks and gaps in the glass and then allow it to cure before cleaning and polishing the hardened surface. This process can be used for the front, side or rear windows of almost any vehicle, and makes the damage virtually invisible while helping the glass retain its strength.

The importance of windscreen repairs

It can be easy to put off windscreen repairs or even dismiss it altogether. However, even a small chip or crack needs to be addressed as soon as possible. The reason? Windscreen damage of any kind will quickly spread if left unattended, meaning what started as a simple repair job has turned into a full replacement.

Your vehicle’s windscreen is not just integral to visibility. It also provides important structural support to your vehicle, which helps prevent the roof caving in the event of a roll. Any damage to the glass threatens the strength of the windscreen, making it imperative to have it addressed as quickly as possible.

Windscreen Replacement in Perth and Across WA

If your windscreen is chipped or cracked and it can’t be repaired, we can provide you with a fast, professional and affordable replacement at any of our locations in Perth or wider WA.

Our technicians can work on light to medium duty vehicles of all kinds, whether they be a personal passenger car or part of a large commercial fleet. Front, side and back windows can all be replaced within a small timeframe thanks to our refined processes and modern equipment, allowing you to get your car back on the road quickly and with full peace of mind.

Why a damaged windscreen should be replaced as soon as possible

Obviously, your windscreen is crucial to visibility and any hindrance in this aspect can be a significant safety hazard. But did you know that the glass does much more than shield you from the elements? The windscreen is actually an important structural component your vehicle, as the glass helps reinforce the roof in the event of an accident; this protects you and your passengers by preventing a cave-in during a roll. It’s also designed to pop out of the frame instead of shattering to avoid passengers being injured by shards of glass.

Any form of damage to your windscreen drastically weakens its strength and compromises the structural integrity of the vehicle’s roof. On top of that, cracks and chips almost always spread over time if left unattended to, making it crucial to get a windscreen replacement as quickly as possible to avoid any potentially serious safety hazards.

We only use high quality glass in accordance to Australian standards and can service all modern cars with light sensors, rain sensors, temperature control, anti-collision cameras, humidity sensors, heaters, antennas and more.

Onslow Professional Windscreen Replacement and Repair

It seems almost impossible to keep your vehicle unscathed in the varied and often harsh conditions of WA, no matter how carefully you treat your vehicle.

A chipped or cracked windscreen is a common occurrence for many drivers, as it can be caused by something as simple as a stone suddenly flicking up off the highway in front of you.

Before you get too many headaches over the damage, give our team a call and take advantage of our full windscreen replacement and repair service in Onslow and elsewhere in WA. We pride ourselves on offering a fast, effective and affordable service that you can rely on time and time again.

Do I always need a full windscreen replacement?

Thanks to our extensive knowledge and leading-edge equipment, we may be able to address the issue without needing a replacement. For minor damage in inconsequential areas of the windscreen, we can repair the glass using a specially formulated resin that bonds to the surface and cures into a hardened glue. This helps the glass retain its strength and causes the chip or crack to virtually disappear.

If the damage is major or located in a key area of the windscreen (close to the edge or in the driver’s direct line of sight), then we will need to replace the glass. However, you can rest easy knowing we offer competitive prices and a short turnaround time with no sacrifice on the quality of our workmanship.

Remember: a damaged windscreen can affect your vision and contribute to serious structural issues while driving. Ensure you are protected by having an AUS Mechanical Services professional address any chips or cracks as early as possible.

Port Hedland’s Preferred Windscreen Replacement and Repair Service

A crack or chip in your vehicle’s windscreen is usually the last thing you need, but it seems almost inevitable in the often unforgiving conditions of WA. To ensure it doesn’t cause you any headaches, AUS Mechanical Services offers full windscreen replacements and repairs in Port Hedland for vehicles of any kind.

We’re backed by more than 40 years of experience and focus on providing professional results, competitive rates and fast turnaround times. Come to us for a windscreen replacement or repair that you can always rely on.

Is a replacement the only option?

Once upon a time, a full replacement was the only option for a damaged windscreen. While it’s still necessary for larger chips and cracks, modern equipment and techniques allow us to repair minor damage without installing new glass.

In these cases, we inject a special resin into the impacted area until it has filled all cracks. This resin cures into an extremely hard bonding agent that restores the strength and appearance of the glass.

If a windscreen replacement is still required, you can have full peace of mind knowing we get the job done quickly, affordably and to a high standard. We use quality glass in accordance with Australian standards and can service all modern cars with rain sensors, light sensors, temperature control, humidity sensors, anti-collision cameras, antennas, heaters and other technology.

The importance of acting quickly

Your vehicle’s windscreen provides essential support for the roof in the event of a roll, so it’s essential that the glass is in good condition. Any damage significantly weakens the pane and can lead to serious safety concerns; on top of that, chips and cracks tend to get worse if no action is taken to repair or replace the glass.