Premier Car Servicing in Perth and Throughout WA

Does your car require a service? Periodic maintenance of your vehicle is necessary to keep your vehicle at its optimum level for safety & reliability and to ensure smooth operational efficiency for years to come. The recommended servicing interval is 6 months, or 10,000kms – whichever occurs first. Our fully qualified mechanics can perform general servicing on most makes and models of cars. We also have experience working on certain vans, utes, 4WDs, buses and trucks up to 9 tonne.

The trusted name in the game

With a network of fully-equipped centres located conveniently WA, our car servicing professionals are highly sought after by large commercial clients and regular car owners. Our services are scalable to accommodate clients of all sizes.

Manufacturer log book services

If you require your vehicle to be examined by a qualified log book service provider, then we can ensure your car is thoroughly evaluated as laid out by the requirements of your warranty agreement. We are able to service most makes and models of cars the way your manufacturer intended and will stamp your log book to ensure your warranty remains valid.

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